An introspective journey curated by Antonino Pilade

8th February 2024 – 3rd March 2024

Attilio Giordano, Antonino Pilade, Zack Thorne, Marianna Zoumpliou

I have immersed myself in profound contemplation regarding this exhibition, perceiving it as an intrinsic yearning of the soul. In this introspective journey, the very essence of nature’s paramount significance has been overshadowed by the ever advancing force of civilisation. Anemos, in its essence, seeks to emulate a deep breath, prompting a reflective pause to ponder the trajectory civilisation is charting for us.

In the vast expanse where humanity once boldly displaced the natural order, we now find ourselves in an era where algorithms intricately weave themselves into the fabric of ‘Human Identity,’ supplanting our traditional understanding of self.

Within the confines of this exhibition, artists forge an intimate connection with their inner selves and the immediate environment enveloping them. Through the prism of traditional media, they articulate a profound expression, a pure manifestation of their innermost being. It is within this artistic endeavour that the convergence of self and surroundings transcends mere observation, giving rise to a poignant narrative that resonates with the very core of human existence.

Artworks from the ‘Boxes’ two Free painting workshops by Marianna Zoumpliou may also be entered into the Exhibition.

Private View