What Lies Between

Exhibition from: 8th December 2023 to 25th January 2024

Private View Opening: 7th December 2023 6:30pm-9pm

Finissage: 25th January 2024 6:30pm-9pm

Works exploring time, place and connection, by Kelly McCallum & Evangeline Jablonska.

We are all connected: to our friends and family, to our homes and places of work, to our present and past. McCallum’s series “Totems” is implicitly underpinned by the social and familial relationships between individuals. Paradoxically, these are pieces born from the loneliness the artist experienced when living in rural Portugal, creating an underlying ’emptiness’ that leaves space for the observer to add their own layers of meaning and structure.

The paintings in Jablonska’s “Death’s Other Kingdom” take their inspiration from Victorian post-mortem photography, echoing acts of remembrance which maintained the bonds with the deceased. These are declarations of love and yearning, transcending a more contemporary fascination with the macabre.

Both sets of work are reflections of ‘end points’: of moments in time, of family members, of those loci between which connections exist. They are an invitation to contemplate and explore, to divine the precise nature of what lies between.

Totem by Kelly McCallum

Artwork by Evangeline Jablonska

Kelly McCallum

Kelly McCallum loves creating in a multitude of media. Her work in all its forms is an on-going exploration of natural history, narrative, self-made myth, and story-telling.  

She has a BFA (Rhode Island School of Design), a BSc (University of Massachusetts), and an MA (Royal College of Art).  

McCallum’s works have been featured at the Royal College of Art, held in a number of private collections worldwide, and exhibited in countries including Canada, the United States, Germany, France, Portugal, Poland, Switzerland, the Netherlands and Korea. She has shown pieces at London’s Victoria & Albert Museum, Goldsmiths’ Hall, Sotheby’s, Selfridges and Liberty’s.

In 2017 she moved to the Algarve and set up a studio with a practice focusing on painting and works on paper. Now back in London, McCallum is looking forward to expanding her recent body of work and bringing it to new audiences

Evangeline Jablonska

Evangeline Jablonska graduated from the Multimedia Academy in Gdansk where she studied painting under Dominik Lejman. From a very young age, she has been fascinated by the passing of time, sepulchral art, the mourning process and the unique bonds with those who have passed away and in this field her particularly important source of inspiration became the Victorian post-mortem photography.  In addition to the typical painting techniques,  photography is also her favourite medium of artistic expression.

For many years Evangeline’s daily work and at the same time her great passion is monuments conservation, in which she uses a large variety of technologies and skills.

Her work includes also book illustrations.

Private View Invite 7th December 2023